Titus Awake

Ахаха… приходит давеча вот это:

Titus Groan Awakes: Mervyn Peake & The Lost Gormenghast Novel


Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast saga has a new installment – 62 years after the last one. Titus Groan, Gormenghast and Titus Alone have now been joined by Titus Awakes after the discovery of a long lost manuscript.

This dark and brooding gothic series, a cult favorite for years, is set for a revival.

Как выяснилось, все не так помпезно. Это даже не “еще один ящик письменного стола Профессора”, это ” was taken from notes left by Mervyn Peake byhis widow, Maeve Gilmore, who completed the book before her death which appears to bring the story to a natural conclusion. Sebastian Peake, who has championed his father’s work, comments “[t]he leitmotif of the whole thing is his search for some sort of final home”.”

Ахаха реклама такая реклама…

Кому интересно, это меня abebooks на свою рассылку подписали. Пока не отписался, жду новых сюрпризов и приколов :)

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