24 songs = 1.9 million USD of fines

A federal jury Thursday found a 32-year-old Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music from the Internet and fined her $80,000 each — a total of $1.9 million — for 24 songs.
Illegal downloads of musical files will cost a Minnesota woman $1.9 million, a jury has decided.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset’s case was the first such copyright infringement case to go to trial in the United States, her attorney said.

Attorney Joe Sibley said that his client was shocked at fine, noting that the price tag on the songs she downloaded was 99 cents.

She plans to appeal, he said.

Неплохо! 1.9 миллиона зеленых за 24 песенки. Чем-то я не тем занимаюсь по жизни. Надо пойти работать в RIAA.

upd: CNN article is misleading – she has been charged for sharing these songs, not downloading them. Whatever.

8 thoughts on “24 songs = 1.9 million USD of fines

  1. Anonymous said…

    What a crock of bullshit. I can’t believe a jury would do this to one of their neighbors, to one of their friends. I think the people of Minnesota should have their heads examined, they are out of their minds.

  2. Uploading NOT downloading. At the very least get the ‘charge’ correct.

  3. Ok lets put a minor reality check out there. This at most should be classified as petty theft. If i left my cds on a park bench and someone took them then the thief gets slaped on the wrist and sent home. There is no way 1.9 mill should even be an option.

  4. I’m not sure this is really a victory for the recording industry. I think they just alienated millions of music listeners.

  5. How can live with yourself after ruining the life of a woman with kids and a husband for downloading 24 songs? She could shoplift two albums and would only get a slap on the wrist. This is crap.

  6. @RIAA Blows: My source (CNN) states ‘downloading’. Let’s skip nitpicking. I know what Kazaa is(was).

    @several commenters: Actually, I don’t see this as a major blow for recording industry. What this really is a big boost for several newly launched ‘all you can eat music’ subscription services. Suddenly, paying $5 per month to fill your MP3 player starts to look much more appealing.

    As for woman, obviously she/they will appeal. Ganbatte!

    PS To everyone – I didn’t know my russian blog has that many english-speaking readers. Care to share why do you read me? For pretty pics? :)

  7. What a wonderful way to promote the sale of CDs! Indict your customer!! If the RIAA thinks that this will somehow discourage illegal downloading and encourage the sale of CDs, they are nuts. I know that I don’t buy CD’s. I get music from non-RIAA artists for free from sites like garageband.com. Intellectual property, with the wide use of the internet, is going the way of the dinosaurs. What Columbia records wants to charge $18.00 for, some other musician will do for free.

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