Перл, перл, жемчужина!

Budget: $ 300-1000
Status: Open for Bidding (8 days left)
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Required Skills: Administrative Support, C++ / C, PHP, Programming
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I need a FTP Client which can view all the directories and files on a specific server WITHOUT logging in with the FTP details. It must be able to show me the server IP and all other details given below. It
must be able to get all the MySQL Databases connected to the pages. It must collect the user name, password and host name and give it to me. It must also allow me to connect with the MySQL User
Name, Password and host name to any database in the world and have a SQL editor to take actions. It must be able to download the file stored on the server (not the client-side preview but the
real code on the server!).

Akshit Soota

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