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Learn how to create, visualize, analyze and interact with spatial data using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies, like WPF and Silverlight, Virtual Earth and SQL Server 2008. In this presentation, we’ll walkthrough building a Rich Interactive Mapping application from the ground up using MapDotNet UX.

Watch a demonstration of how easy it is to create data and maps using MapDotNet UX Studio. We’ll explore loading spatial data into SQL Server 2008, authoring and publishing a map to the MapDotNet UX Web Services, and creating a tile cache using MapDotNet UX Studio.

Following the data and map creation, we’ll use the MapDotNet UX SDK and the out-of-the-box samples to rapidly build a WPF and Silverlight application using the Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008. From there you’ll have the power create applications with incredible “User eXperiences” for visualizing, analyzing and interacting with your world!

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