Семинар в ESRI

Dr. Martin Raubal, Associate Professor
Department of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 4:00 p.m.
ESRI Fourplex

Personalized Location-Based Services
In recent years there has been a paradigm shift in GIScience. Previously, GIS were used by large organizations to support them in their decision-making processes. Nowadays, multiple providers offer services capable of exploiting the location of a mobile user and sell geographic information to many people in small quantities. Because users frequently face novel situations in unfamiliar environments, their information needs depend highly on situational and personal context. Current location-based services (LBS) are limited because they fail to adapt the semantics of their concepts to the users’ semantics, and they often do not consider personal preferences and time constraints. In this talk I will demonstrate through prototypical mobile applications how the integration of theories from cognitive science and geography can overcome these problems. First, a wayfinding service is used to show how formal conceptual spaces can be utilized to bridge the gap between system and user. Conceptual spaces are employed for both knowledge and context representation. Second, using business traveler and leisure scenarios I will argue that in order to provide users with personalized information for their mobile decision-making, a user-centered spatio-temporal theory of LBS is required. This theory combines time geography with an extended theory of affordances. It allows for a user-centered perspective because affordances describe action possibilities with respect to a specific person. Time geography supports the calculation and visualization of optimal paths. The new theory for LBS is closer to the individual users and more plausible with respect to their daily lives.

Надо посетить. Вдруг чего новенького скажет.

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